Why does everyone have iPhone?

Answer I have iphone because its a great phone will many functions. (almost like a mini computer)

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Does everyone have dishwashers now?

I don't have one, well, I do if you count ME!

I have set my facebook privacy setting to everyone and also every album to everyone but the photos link below the wall and info isn't there what should I do?

Does everyone have to get braces on the bottom?

Nope, my bottom teeth are perfect, which is why i only have braces in the top. And they don't look weird at all on me, because when you smile, your bottom teeth don't show. REALLY! Keep smiling!! =... Read More »

What tattoos does everyone have If any?

I have a simple black heart on my back right shoulder blade.I have a black elaborate butterfly on my lower waist, right above my tush.I have a rose on the left side of my left ankle.