Does every woman need to have an episiotomy?

Answer Definitely not. An episiotomy makes it easier for the doc, but sometimes much tougher for you and your recovery! When we had our first baby, we discussed with the doctor our desire to NOT get an ep... Read More »

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Should every woman have the right to have a baby?

Yes. I believe everyone(as long they are at legal age and won't treat the child like a servant trashcan) should have a chance to have sex and have a baby.

Why doesn't every woman have their sons circumsized?

I agree - I had two friends get circumsized at 18 years of age, and they were bedridden for 2 weeks. I also know a 30 year old who had to get one due to an infection. I would much rather do it wh... Read More »

What Should Every Woman Have on Her Going Out Necessities List?

Every woman has an item that she cannot be without when she goes out. This vital item and other necessities go a long way in making her feel comfortable anywhere by covering many possible scenarios... Read More »

Is it safe for a woman who weighs 24 pounds to have a 750 ml bottle of wine every night?

i think a woman who weighs 24 lbs wouldn't have the strength to lift a glass of wine let alone swallow it