Does ethernet work on dialup internet phone jacks?

Answer You cannot plug an Ethernet cable directly into a phone jack, as the plug will not fit and the two standards transfer data differently. It is possible to share your dialup Internet connection via a... Read More »

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Can you use phone jacks to access the Internet?

You can access the Internet with a phone jack by using a dial-up Internet service provider (ISP). The ISP provides you with a number to call that allows you to access the Internet. Unfortunately, d... Read More »

Does Skype work with dialup?

According to Skype, the service will work with a dial-up modem at a speed or 33.6 Kbps or faster. At that speed, however, other Internet activities could affect the quality of the call. Skype recom... Read More »

My daughtets i phone 4 does not work no internet phone calls or text?

Something you may try from home is a "Soft Reset"Press both the power and the "Home" button on the front and hold them for 30 seconds, even when the phone turns itself off and on again. Sometimes t... Read More »

Does an Ethernet cord work as a phone cord?

While Ethernet cables are capable of carrying phone signals, rigging one up could be complicated. The ends of Ethernet cables are wider than phone cables, meaning you need an adapter, at the very l... Read More »