Does ethanol damage automobile engines?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on the CarThe general consensus is that the older your car's engine is, the more likely it is that Ethanol will cause damage. Ethanol is a corrosive agent to some metals, an... Read More »

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Problems With Small Engines Using Gas With Ethanol?

Ethanol, created by blending gasoline and ethyl alcohol, is added to gasoline to make an environmentally friendly product and to help conserve fuel resources. Ethyl alcohol is grain alcohol that ha... Read More »

The Effects of Ethanol on Auto Engines?

Ethanol is an alcohol fuel that is known to reduce emissions when used in automobiles. Since 1980, many drivers have filled their tanks with a 10 percent ethanol blend fuel. Ethanol's high octane r... Read More »

Homemade Degreaser for Automobile Engines?

Over time, car engines become greasy and dirty. It just comes with the territory. Even the cleanest, shiniest cars on the street may be nasty under the hood. There are many engine degreasers availa... Read More »

What automobile company makes autos with flex engines?

Flexible fuel automobiles, or those that can accept either gasoline or E85 ethanol biofuel, are made by most large automakers the world over. General Motors trademarked and popularized the term Fle... Read More »