Does estrogen interact with Requip?

Answer On One Hand: Estrogen May Affect Requip LevelsEstrogen may reduce the amount of Requip absorbed by the body. According to GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Requip, studies found that the oral cl... Read More »

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How does Paxil interact with tamoxifen?

A brand-name prescription mediation, Paxil (paroxetine hydrochloride) is a common treatment for depression, obsessive-compulsive, panic, premenstrual dysphoric disorder post-traumatic stress disord... Read More »

How does a son interact with a narcissist mother?

My narcissist mother never taught my brothers how to "leave the nest". Instead she smothered them emotionally and never allowed them to grow up and make it on their own. Emotionally, I feel they we... Read More »

Does guaifenesin interact with hypertension?

On One Hand: Guaifenesin AloneAvailable over-the-counter and by prescription, guaifenesin acts by thinning phlegm in the chest so that you can more easily cough up (expectorate) the material. Rare ... Read More »

What Elements Does Beryllium Interact With?

A steel-grey, strong, alkaline earth metal, Beryllium is found naturally only combined with other elements and is primarily used as a hardening agent in alloys. Beryllium's low density and high mel... Read More »