Does estate have to pay remaining dish network contract when someone dies?

Answer Not unless you both resided in the same household. If so, you owe.

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Does dish network have a contract?

If you sign up with DISH Network they do offer different options which can also be referred to as Plans & offers. You can decide to go with a plan that doesn't require a contract, or you can choose... Read More »

Does a loan cosigner have to pay the remaining fees if the borrower dies?

Yes, PRIVATE student requiring cosigners have none of the benefits of their federal student loan counterparts.... so if a student dies or becomes disabled and the loan has yet to be paid in full th... Read More »

Why does it take so long for someone to answer the phone when you call dish network?

Some of the movies on PPV or Video on Demand can be purchased in 1080i. When an attempt is made to order a 1080i movie, the receiver will run a test to make sure the TV can handle this format.

How does someone get a dish network receiver?

In order to obtain a dish network receiver you will need to have service with Dish Network. They are open 24 hours for you convenience via telephone and internet website.