Does essiac tea cure cancer?

Answer Essiac Tea is an herbal remedy that was used, prescribed and promoted by Canadian nurse Rene M. Caisse. In the 1930s the Canadian government conducted an investigation on the product, but the resu... Read More »

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Is there any cure that can totaly cure you from cancer if you have cancer?

Hopefully some day soon. But for now, the answer sadly is no, nothing, no kind of treatment, no kind of surgery is 100% guaranteed.

Person still alive and cancer free after using the cancer cure mentioned in "outsmart your cancer"?

Does alternative medicine cure cancer?

When someone claims that 'alternative medicine' cures/heals/gets rid of cancer one of two things is happening.It is either1) as you suggest, a lie - wherever there's cancer there's a ruthless charl... Read More »

Cure of Cancer where does my money go?

"I remember exactly where I was the very first time I learned that I was part of a global conspiracy, raking in millions of dollars and laughing sadistically as people died all around me: I was at ... Read More »