Does espresso coffee have a higher ph than regular coffee?

Answer The pH of coffee depends on the type of bean that is used. There are several different types of coffee beans and espresso is just another type of bean. Due to the fact that not all beans will have ... Read More »

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Can you use regular coffee in an espresso machine?

Espresso coffee is often made in coffee shops by using a dark roasted bean, ground very fine. Any coffee can be used in an espresso machine, as long as it is finely ground to allow the steam to tho... Read More »

What's the difference between cappuccino, latte, espresso, & regular coffee?

Espresso This is a very fine ground coffee that is packed into a portafilter and inserted into an espresso machine. Water that is heated to 190-197 degrees Fahrenheit is forced under 8-10 atmospher... Read More »

What makes a coffee an espresso as opposed to a drip coffee?

According to Espresso People, "Espresso is a beverage that is produced by pushing hot water, between 192 F and 204 F, at high pressures through a bed of finely ground, compacted coffee." In other w... Read More »

Which coffee is stronger , Turkish coffee or Espresso ?

The turks cook the coffeepowder and water in small uncovered copper pans,so the water is reduce a little.Italians press the steam through th coffee so that only the best coffee aromas get in the c... Read More »