Does elodea move from cell to cell?

Answer Elodea cells do not move from cell to cell. They move through a process called plasmolysis, which causes a cell to move away from another cell due to water loss.Source:Science NetLinks: Plasmolysi... Read More »

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How many chloroplasts are in an elodea cell?

Elodea is a leafy, green water plant commonly used in high school and college biology classes as a plant with exceptionally easy-to-view cell components. Students looking at elodea samples under a ... Read More »

What can elodea cell do that onion cells cannot?

Cells of the common aquarium plant elodea and onion cells are used in teaching cell structures. Elodea is observed in the living state. Each cell type has important uses in education. Each provide... Read More »

How do i move photos from a cell phone?

Plug the camera into your computer with a data cable. The phone's icon will show up on your desktop. Double-click the icon. Go to the "Pictures" folder. Highlight any pictures you want to move from... Read More »

How do you move data from a cell phone to the iPhone 3G?

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