Does eggplant have any vitamins?

Answer Eggplant does contain vitamins. Vitamin A and vitamin B9 (folate) are most prevalent, but one raw eggplant also contains small amounts of beta carotene, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and v... Read More »

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Does the peel of apples and potatoes really have "all the vitamins"?

An apple is a very nutritional fruit which contains protein,carbohydrates,fats, ashes, fibers,and a long lists of vitamins and minerals . Its peel contain more nutrients than its flesh. The peels o... Read More »

Do I have to cook eggplant before using it in lasagna?

On One Hand: Eggplant Is Normally CookedEggplant is normally cooked in some way prior to being added to lasagna. The most typical methods of cooking the eggplant are roasting, browning and pan cook... Read More »

Does Ichiban eggplant climb?

Ichiban eggplants do not climb like green bean plants or squash vines; they grow upright and may need support if fruiting heavily. Ichiban eggplants are Japanese-style eggplants that produce long, ... Read More »

Does eggplant need to be peeled?

Eggplant skin is edible and does not have to be removed before cooking. However, it may be desirable to peel an eggplant for certain dishes. For example, it's best to leave the skin on for grilling... Read More »