Does egg white contain DNA?

Answer Egg white--properly called albumen--does not contain DNA. Instead, a small white dot, called the germinal disc, lays on the surface of the egg yolk and contains the DNA. After fertilization occurs,... Read More »

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Does white flour contain gluten?

White flour contains gluten. Gluten is protein found in the endosperm of wheat and it adds sponginess and stickiness to dough. Some bakers add extra gluten to their baked goods to make them lighter... Read More »

Does white bread contain bleach?

White bread can contain bleached flour that has undergone a chemical bleaching process using chemicals such as nitrogen oxide, chlorine, nitrosyl and benzoyl peroxide. When consuming white bread, y... Read More »

Does white chocolate contain tree nuts?

As the person who has been a chef for 20 years said, white chocolate is cocoa butter, sugar and maybe some vanilla. Cacao is a bean, not a nut. There are frequently cross contamination issues with ... Read More »

How does an inkjet printer print grey color Is must be black and white right But how is white produced?

Printers use red, Yellow and blue Or more common is Magenta(red), Cyan(blue), and Yellow. When you mix the three inks together you get Black.Some printers use a larger separate black ink cartridge.... Read More »