Does eczema make your hair fall out?

Answer Eczema is a broad term for several skin conditions characterized by itchy, red, inflamed skin occurring anywhere on the body. Called seborrheic dermatitis when symptoms are present on the scalp, it... Read More »

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Does Dandruff Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Science experiments are an important part of a child's education, providing hands-on experience and an opportunity for excitement. However, to avoid accidents or injury, students should also use sc... Read More »

Does sunsilk shampoo&conditioner make hair fall out?

On One Hand: Chemicals in ShampoosOn various websites, several reviews of Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner products claimed the users of the products experienced hair loss. The American Academy of D... Read More »

Does your hair start to fall out when you are pregnant?

Answer Yes your hair falling out can be a sign of pregnancy and to decreese this take your vitamins i had this happ. with all 4 of my pregancys it was actually on of the first things i noticed

Does Lifting Weights Make Your Bladder Fall?

On One Hand: Heavy WeightliftingA prolapsed bladder, which means you have weak pelvic floor muscles and ligaments that allow your bladder to sink, can be caused by repeated heavy lifting, according... Read More »