Does eating yogurt give you culture ?

Answer No.... Funny story though, I just rememberd the first time I ever learnt the word 'culture' in the yougurty sence of the word.... I was up the farm and I opend a big apple juice and noticed on top ... Read More »

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How to Make a Leban or Yogurt Culture to Mix With Making Yogurt?

Laban is the Lebanese word for yogurt, a living food, with an interesting history. To preserve the bacterial culture needed to make laban, cloth was soaked in yogurt, dried and carried with Lebanes... Read More »

At what temperature does yogurt culture grow the best?

According to Science Buddies, the lactobacillus culture dies if it is exposed to temperatures higher than 130 degrees F and may not thrive in temperatures lower than 98 degrees F. The ideal tempera... Read More »

Does Yoplait yogurt have live active culture?

Yoplait yogurt does have live cultures. Live and active cultures promote a healthy digestive system. The National Yogurt Association live and active culture seals or the words "contains live and ac... Read More »

Does eating yogurt get rid of yeast infections?

On One Hand: No Real EvidenceAccording to Dr. Alan Greene, there is no hard proof that eating yogurt with live cultures can get rid of a vaginal yeast infection. This could be because the lactobaci... Read More »