Does eating rice make you fat?

Answer no but eating eating anything in large amounts can its called moderation.rice is good for you if its mixed with the right things like vegtables and lean meats

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How can you stop eating raw rice?

Answer Eating raw rice can depict two things you are either depressed of has some health deficiency (lacking in nutrient, it's more of a deficiency to me, you should get a check up at your doctor. ... Read More »

Is eating raw rice unhealthy in any way?

Raw RiceIt's not unhealthy, but the rice will swell in your stomach. If you eat a large amount, you could certainly have discomfort. In extreme cases, your stomach could even burst. This has actual... Read More »

Is not eating rice a cause for anemia?

Most definitely. Rice is a staple of most diets. The lack of rice in one's diet can and in most cases will promote anemia. Considering the diets of many other cultures and their lack of the anemic... Read More »

Simple question. White Rice Yellow Rice Brown Rice Or Wild Rice Which from this list do u like better?

wild rice and i hope it is uncle ben instant mix with masses of seasonings. i love that stuff. good day yourself Scooter.