Does eating pineapple make your body fluids sweeter?

Answer i think i read in cosmo eating pineapples makes you taste sweet down below the waist

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How to Make Pineapple and Cream Body Soap?

Pineapple and cream body soap is rich, luxurious homemade soap that thoroughly cleanses the skin without being too harsh or damaging. Ideal for those with sensitive and dry skin, pineapple and crea... Read More »

Why after eating pineapple my mouths stings?

High ish acid levelssame thing happens to me after eating so many warheads

Is sodium concentration higher in cells or body fluids?

The concentration of sodium is more than 10 times lower inside a cell than in body fluids outside the cell. Sodium is the major positively charged ion outside of cells, while potassium is the major... Read More »

How to Make the Tea Sweeter?

There's a tea that tastes bad, bitter, Of course, if one people/child that hates tea, you should add sweetness, So you will have an appetite!