Does eating monounsaturated fat makes me fat?

Answer "No" , but 1 tablespoon pr day is required, therefore the choice of foods adjacent to that oil matters a lot. *Hydrogenated fats cling to our arteries, so don't use it, the box/bottle tells us that... Read More »

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Does eating 2100 calories makes sence?

If you are eating that little, I'm surprised you are not losing weight rapidly. Are you sure you are not missing any hidden calories, i.e. sauces, dresses, sugar or milk in tea, etc?You can use thi... Read More »

Does anyone know why eating an indian meal makes my father experience an angina attack?

I can't see why curry specifically should cause it. However any large meal made up of items which take time to digest can bring on angina. This is because blood is diverted away from the heart to m... Read More »

Is monounsaturated fat bad for you?

On One Hand: It's Good for YouMonounsaturated fat is not bad for you. The American Heart Association thinks consuming monounsaturated fat will help lower your cholesterol and your risk of heart dis... Read More »

What Makes a Cat Stop Eating?

When a cat stops eating, it is a symptom of an underlying issue. The cat may first start to show a slight lack of appetite and may progress to completely refusing to eat--even its favorite treats. ... Read More »