Does eating monounsaturated fat makes me fat?

Answer "No" , but 1 tablespoon pr day is required, therefore the choice of foods adjacent to that oil matters a lot. *Hydrogenated fats cling to our arteries, so don't use it, the box/bottle tells us that... Read More »

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What Makes a Cat Stop Eating?

When a cat stops eating, it is a symptom of an underlying issue. The cat may first start to show a slight lack of appetite and may progress to completely refusing to eat--even its favorite treats. ... Read More »

Is monounsaturated fat bad for you?

On One Hand: It's Good for YouMonounsaturated fat is not bad for you. The American Heart Association thinks consuming monounsaturated fat will help lower your cholesterol and your risk of heart dis... Read More »

Is salmon oil monounsaturated?

The oil in salmon (as well as in other fatty fishes like tuna and sardines) contains essential Omega 3 fatty acids, which are polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, avoc... Read More »

Sometimes eating makes me feel really sick. Like I need to throw up Why?

If the nausea occurs after consuming fatty/fast food, spicy food, freshly baked bread, onion, cabbage, apples, beans, peas, coffee, chocolate, cucumber, watermelon or red pepper, then it is most li... Read More »