Does eating local honey really reduce your allergy symptoms?

Answer Be cautious- how allergic are we talking here? See the doctor of course if you're severely allergic. "Local honey" isn't enough- it needs to be raw unfiltered local honey- most commercial honey is ... Read More »

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Does HONEY really lightens your hair?

Well first thing, if your hair is dark brown then don't use lemon. It will make it lighter but also orange-y. It's only good for blondes who want their hair an even lighter shade of blonde. It's al... Read More »

Does honey really brighten your eye color?

don't give me annoying I don't think it will work...ok so basically you are saying you dont want the truth?what if honey doesnt do anything?do you want me to lie to you and tell you it works?your e... Read More »

Does honey really lighten the color of your eyes without wearing colored contacts?

you know its ironic i found this question because i was wondering that same thingi read about honey lightening your eyes on this question Read More »

If eating lots of wheat-based cereals gives you bad spots does that mean you have a gluten allergy and should take on a gluten-free diet to try and improve your skin?

Answer If your "bad spots" are itchy bumps that are slow to disappear and NOT hives, and they seem related to your wheat/gluten consumption, then you might have the skin rash that sometimes accomp... Read More »