Does eating local honey really reduce your allergy symptoms?

Answer Be cautious- how allergic are we talking here? See the doctor of course if you're severely allergic. "Local honey" isn't enough- it needs to be raw unfiltered local honey- most commercial honey is ... Read More »

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How to Reduce Guinea Pig Allergy?

Mild rash under the wrist. (Common)Allergic sensitization and reactions to guinea pig have been well documented in laboratory animal handlers, primarily manifesting as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and... Read More »

How to Control Allergies With Local Honey?

Long considered an old wives' tale or an urban legend, using local honey to control allergies is coming back into the limelight among holistic medicine aficionado. Few legitimate studies have suppo... Read More »

Symptoms of a Dog Saliva Allergy?

Although a dog can be man's best friend, about 30 percent of Americans are allergic to dogs, according to Allergies can affect a person of any age, and dog allergens are present ... Read More »

Cat Hair Allergy Symptoms?

Contrary to what some people believe, people who are allergic to cats are actually allergic to their dander, not their fur itself. Cat dander is flakes of the cat's dried skin that comes off the an... Read More »