Does eating limes burn fat?

Answer On One Hand: Limes help burn maximum amount of caloriesThere are certain foods that contain a high amounts of vitamin C, which helps burn the maximum amount of calories. Limes are included in the f... Read More »

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I burn my throat eating hot food?

You have a young lime tree it's about 5' tall when it gets little limes on it they grow for a while then drop off why does this happen?

Possibly the cause is underwatering as this can cause fruit to drop prematurely. ANSWER: TRY THIS LATE AT NIGHT, OR THE NEIGHBORS WILL COMMIT YOU. It could be your plant is known as "potted plant ... Read More »

How Do Limes Reproduce?

Like all citrus, limes can reproduce sexually. This means that male pollen from citrus flowers--that tree's pollen or another's--fertilizes a flower's ovary to produce a seed that can grow into a m... Read More »

How do I dry Persian limes?

Preheat food dehydrator to 100 degrees. Wash the Persian limes with cool water and mild detergent and rinse completely. Cut the lime into thin slices, paying attention to the thickness, keeping all... Read More »