Does eating healthy make stronger bones?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits To bonesEating the right food can lead to stronger bones. The two most important vitamins are calcium and Vitamin D, but vitamin K and potassium also lead to healthier bones. ... Read More »

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How to Build Stronger Bones?

It's important for people of all ages to get the right nutrition and exercise to build and maintain strong bones. Keeping bones strong is especially important for women because 1 in 2 women will ha... Read More »

How to Keep Your Bones and Joints Healthy?

Bones and joints form the skeleton of your body. You can keep them healthy with proper nutrition, exercise, warmth, and good hygiene.

Aside from Cod liver oil, is there anything else good for healthy bones/joints?

Vitamin C is essential for your body to form collagen which is what cartilage is made of. Humans are one of only a few species of mammals that can't make their own vitamin C.

Is eating ground chicken as healthy as eating chicken breast?

if you take the same cut of meat eg chick breasts and mince it or have a butcher mince it for you then sure.however minced chicken usually includes meat from allover the bird like the thigh meat an... Read More »