Does eating Chinese Food keep you skinny?

Answer No.. Especially if you keep eating Americanized Chinese food in American portion! You would gain more weight!American portion is HUGE! Most American Restaurants here in Hong Kong warn their custo... Read More »

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Why are {most} Chinese people skinny if their food is greasy and fried?

I believe it has to do with race and metabolism. My husband is Singaporean of Chinese-Indonesian decent. I'm an American of European-Hispanic decent. My husband eats A LOT of food, especially Chine... Read More »

Why are teens skinny despite eating tons of fast food and other junk?

Are we really eating cat when we order chinese food?

No that is not true. I have also heard it was dog.

Feeling funny after eating chinese food for the first time?

Are you allergic to MSG? Most Chinese food places use this