Does each post office have a postmaster?

Answer Every post office in the United States is required to have its own postmaster. Until 1971, postmasters were appointed by the president or recommended by congressmen and were required to live in the... Read More »

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What Is the Salary Range of a Postmaster of a Post Office?

Postmasters, or mail superintendents, oversee the operations of a post office. These workers have managerial responsibilities, such as coordinating the duties of employees assigned to their post of... Read More »

What size boxes does the Post Office have?

U.S. Postal Service post office boxes are available in five sizes: 3"x5.5," 5"x5.5," 11"x5.5," 11"x11," and 22.5"x12." Fees for all sizes vary based on location, but a $1 refundable deposit is req... Read More »

Does the post office have to tell you who sends registered mail?

The United States Postal Service, according to the regulations in the Domestic Mail Manual, Section 503, Subsection 2.4.2, requires that a sender of Registered Mail label the item with the sender's... Read More »

Do I have to inform the post office about my change of name?

Unlike address changes, which must be reported, you do not need to inform the U.S. Postal Service about changes to your name to properly receive your mail. If you wish to change your name, however,... Read More »