Does each constellation have a French name?

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What is the USS Constellation?

The Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31, was my home for two years, 1966-1968. I was an 18 year old kid in the Navy, and made two West Pac tours to Viet Nam on the old "Bonnie Dick". She was a WWll carrier (... Read More »

Where is the constellation Cancer in the sky?

The faint constellation of Cancer the Crab exists in the sky to the east of Gemini the Twins and to the west of Leo the Lion. Cancer has the constellation of Lynx to its north and Canis Minor as we... Read More »

Which constellation is Capella in?

The star Capella is part of the Auriga constellation. Its name means "she-goat," and it is the night sky's sixth brightest star. Auriga, "the charioteer," lies between Perseus and Gemini.Source:Enc... Read More »

What constellation contains the Big Dipper?

The constellation of Ursa Major, "the Great Bear," contains a grouping of seven bright stars commonly referred to as the Big Dipper because of its likeness to a drinking ladle. The Big Dipper, an a... Read More »