Does each computer have a different ip address?

Answer go to on each computer.I'm pretty sure its each internet connetion

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What would i need to connect 2 monitors to one computer and have each monitor display something different?

Simple, you need two monitors and a graphics card that can handle dual output. If you have both, then you just open up the video card software, and set it up to "extend the desktop"

Does each MSN Hotmail account have different URL numbers?

Yes. They each will have different uniform resource locators (URLs) numbers. Multiple accounts have similar addresses, but the first three numbers (right after the two initial forward slashes after... Read More »

Does each vegetable have a different growing time?

Vegetables have widely varying growing times. Several plants can start bearing mature, edible vegetables in as little as a few weeks, while others could take months. For example, radishes only take... Read More »

How much citric acid does each different citrus fruit have?

Citric acid is present in variable amounts and concentrations among many fruits. This organic, soluble acid has many healing properties but should be consumed in moderation.UsesAside from being a n... Read More »