Does dvi cables carry sound?

Answer No, DVI cables do not carry sound. They are designed to carry just video signals, therefore you will need a separate audio connection to hear the sound. If you have an HDMI connection, then you ca... Read More »

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Do Coaxial cables carry 5.1 sound?

Here, see what Wikipedia has to say...___

Which has better sound output: hdmi cables or optical cables?

Optical cables (and digital coaxial cables) are capable of all the audio formats supported by DVD-Video.That includes 1.5 Mbps dts, 448 Kbps Dolby Digital and Linear PCM stereo tracks up to 24-bit/... Read More »

Can You Connect HDMI Cables to a Surround Sound System for Sound?

Many components for home entertainment systems now have HDMI output ports to carry digital video and up to eight channels of audio on a single cable. If you connect an HDMI cable from a signal sour... Read More »

How do I hook up a Haier sound bar to tv Tried with RCA cables but I get no sound from tv.?

Most likely the RCA are inputs not outputs. The TV needs to have an audio out. Either optical or RCA. If it doesn't you need to send the audio directly from the source (cable box, dvd player, blura... Read More »