Does durian really smell that bad How does it smell to you?

Answer In my opinion, durian does not smell as bad in the fruit but it really smell awful when someone ate the durian then BURP. The smell is unbearable and I am sure all the other answerers will agree wi... Read More »

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Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulpher Also after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

Why does indian food smell really bad!?

Well, Indian cuisine are fond of using herbs that some people may not like it or ever smells before just like some cheese which also has their haters.As for body odour, it can happens to all races ... Read More »

I have 2 roomates who smoke, I cant stand the smell any ideas on getting rid of that disgusting smell?

Move out. That stuff is going to kill you.

We moved into an old house, has a bad smell.The gas man came, not that.The smell only comes when heat is on.?

The smell could be coming from mold growing in the concrete of the walls and floor of the basement. Sometimes that mold will also get into heating ducts and grow there. There are companies that w... Read More »