Does dry milk have melamine in it?

Answer Dry milk, or any milk product, should not contain melamine, according to Food Safety News. Some companies, however, have put melamine in milk products illegally to falsify the protein content on th... Read More »

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Who was responsible for the melamine in milk?

In 2008, Chinese authorities found melamine contamination in milk formula for infants and other dairy products. Several children died from the toxic chemical and thousands became sick. The melamine... Read More »

What is melamine in milk?

In 2008, several brands of Chinese milk and powdered milk tested positive for containing melamine. The industrial chemical was purposefully placed in the milk, and then sold to consumers. The scand... Read More »

Who first detected melamine in powdered milk?

In 2008 large quantities of milk and milk products from China were found to be contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. The products were recalled, but not before many children became si... Read More »

Does Organic Milk have less hormones than regular milk?

I am SO afraid of cow's milk. I shudder when I read articles like that - poor cows being milked 300 days/year and constantly pregnant! Yikes. I wonder why people don't realize that when they mess w... Read More »