Does dry ice sublimate more quickly in air, water or oil?

Answer Sublimation is when a solid turns directly from its form into a gas,rather than the more usual process from solid, to liquid, then gas. Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) will sublimate faster in water... Read More »

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Why Does Dry Ice Sublimate?

Most materials at common temperatures and standard pressure go through the three most common states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Ice made from water is a good example of this: Below 32 degrees... Read More »

Does dry ice sublimate faster than ice melts?

Dry ice does sublimate faster than ice melts. The extremely cold temperature of dry ice, -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, means it draws heat more rapidly from its surroundings than water ice. As dry ice... Read More »

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There are many reasons why hot water from a water heater may run out quickly or take awhile to heat up. Such factors include the age of the showerhead and even the size of the tank.Shower HeadDepen... Read More »

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