Does drug testing in schools reduce the crime rate?

Answer On One Hand: It Cuts CrimeAdvocates of drug testing in schools argue that, logically, such a security precaution will necessarily cut crime. Students, knowing that they will be routinely tested, wi... Read More »

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Does mandatory drug testing in schools&workplace work?

On One Hand: Military Use has DecreasedWith the advent of the zero tolerance drug policy in military service, there has been a marked decrease in drug use, reports the National Bureau of Economic R... Read More »

Recommendations to Reduce the Crime Rate?

For any society, crime rates, incarceration and the prevalence of violent crime are primary concerns. Depending on relative positions, stakeholders advocate for a variety of methods for reducing th... Read More »

Mandatory Drug Testing in Schools?

Mandatory drug testing in schools is controversial. Some believe the policy lowers the use of illegal or illicit drugs in schools. This, supporters believe, makes schools safer for all students. Ot... Read More »

The Effects of Drug Testing in Schools?

There has been a debate over the positive and negative effects of drug testing in schools. When students consume an illegal drug, urine samples can contain trace elements of the drug, which allows ... Read More »