Does drinking vinegar have healthful benefits?

Answer On One Hand: The History of Medicinal VinegarVinegar has been said to have health benefits for centuries. It benefits the digestive system, helping nutrients like calcium to be absorbed and control... Read More »

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What are the benefits of drinking vinegar?

According to folk wisdom, vinegar, that staple that people put in their salads, actually has a number of benefits when drunk on a regular basis. These range from antioxidant support to reducing hig... Read More »

Does apple cider vinegar have any real health benefits?

Apple cider vinegar I am a very big advocate of apple cider vinegar!There is so much out there about the uses of organic apple cider vinegar, and with me being a person who is green friendly I us... Read More »

Does drinking ginger tea have any benefits?

Ginger is a really good root to aid in digestion especially if you have an upset stomach. The plant has active compounds gingerols and shogoals that can help fight arthritis (aids in inflammation)... Read More »

Does drinking vinegar make your stomach hurt?

That is common. I used to have the same feeling when I drink vinegar (not a lot, maybe spoon full). I hope you didn't drink too much, lol.. It will go away apparently. If you soaked meat into a vi... Read More »