Does drinking diet coke hurt my vocal cords or throat?

Answer There is no real scientific evidence that anything in diet coke is harmful in any way, unless you drink way too much - and then any kind of soda pop is bad for you (sugar in non-diet soda makes you... Read More »

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Does strep throat affect your vocal cords?

I believe so, because I just had strep throat about a month ago, and still after recovering, i lost my high range singing and its painful trying to force singing high to work on it.

Is drinking too much diet coke bad?

Actually, it can be worse for you than drinking ordinary Coke. Both ordinary and Diet Coke will do the following:-weaken teeth due to the leaching effect of the carbon dioxide fizz on the minerals... Read More »

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Diet Caffiene Free Coke?

What tastes nicer: cherry coke, coke, diet coke, dr pepper?

Given the choice, ordinary coke - but what's the matter with good old lemonade ! ! !