Does drinking alcohol affect muscle building?

Answer On One Hand: Negative Effects on the BodyMuscle growth is dependent on food, rest and work. Alcohol interferes with the production of human growth hormone (HGH), a naturally occurring chemical foun... Read More »

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Can drinking 2 % of alcohol affect you?

yea if you haven't eaten it can and it also depend on the amount your drinking, you experience with alcohol - have you had it before ... and your body weight men and women are affected differently

Why does the alcohol in beer affect me more quickly than the alcohol in spirits?

Ethanol (alcohol) gets absorbed by our bodies at the same rate whether it's beer, wine or spirits. Period. Your perception is that beer is effecting you faster. That's nice!⟣

Which is a better protein for building muscle: Syntha-6 or Muscle Milk?

On One Hand: Syntha-6 BenefitsSyntha-6 is made of fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins so the body gets a steady supply over an eight-hour period. Best taken before going to bed, Syntha-6 has... Read More »

Does building muscle burn fat?

Yes. Building muscle does burn more fat. You may gain weight at first due to muscle gain but it will burn the fat your body doesn't need.