Does drinking a bottle of vinegar make you pass a drug test?

Answer i seriously doubt it. not to mention the fact that it would change the acidity level in your stomach and make you very ill.

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Does drinking water, apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

There is no "method" for passing a drug test. It is a complete fallacy.The only thing that works is to not do drugs.Many tests show masking agents now, which is what you are doing with the suppose... Read More »

I have to take a drug peeing test and I like 1/4 of a bottle when will pass all the way through will I pass?

if you dont take drugs you should fly through it mate the way they test if you take drugs is with abit of paper it turns a diffrent colour i remeber from when i had myn they no if you have or have ... Read More »

Does anyone kno how pass a drug test in 10days other than vinegar?

First, stop smoking or whatever for the next ten days. If you're talking about pot, spare yourself the vinegar--it tastes awful, and it doesn't work.Lots of cranberry juice is good,Go to Read More »

Would drinking lots of water help me pass a urine drug test?

Time is the only thing, repeat the only thing that will get the thc out of your system and here is why.Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on ho... Read More »