Does drDRe headphones work on iPhones?

Answer Studios have better bass but pro's have better clarity.

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What is the difference between drdre studio headphones and the solo headphones?

Studio goes over the ear and solo's are an on ear head phone. If I were you get the studio, they cost much more, cover the ear, but the solo headphones sound the same as skullcandy hesh, and cost 1... Read More »

Where can you get some new drdre beats headphones?

Are DrDre Beats headphones really worth the money?

If you want it because you want good bass get Skullcandy skull crushers. It all depends what you are going to use it for.

Does myxertones work for iPhones?

Yes, I've been downloading to my iPhone for months. It simply goes into your iTunes playlist and then when you synch it's right there. Works great! There is a link on Myxer next to the item that... Read More »