Does downloading limewire risk my computer of viruses?

Answer Yes it does, also risks you getting caught for downloading and possibly getting fined, but this happens rarely enough.What I would suggest is checking how big the file size is. For example, if its ... Read More »

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Does limewire really give my computer a lot of viruses?

you can use Limewire safely by going into settings and unclicking shared files. Then when choosing what to download watch your bit rate, a normal bit rate runs about 128 if there is no bit ... Read More »

Does "Stylish" bring viruses to your computer after downloading?

If you download and install from the Firefox site (… ) there is very little chance of problems. However, if you download/install from other sites, your ch... Read More »

Will limewire give my computer viruses?

BEWARE OF LIMEWIRE... multiple viruses for my me and my computers.. stay away

Is LimeWire safe Will it put viruses on my computer?

Since it's a peer to peer network, you're downloading files from other people's computers. Limewire in and of itself isn't dangerous. However, unscrupulous users who insert trojans or other viruses... Read More »