Does downloading from slow down the computer?

Answer Hi,Anything that you are downloading is technically going to slow down the pc as it is running a task to do so.I wouldn't have thought that it would be that noticeable, may be more so if you are pl... Read More »

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What can I do to speed up my computer as downloading is very slow and the memory is very low?

LOL !!! 20 years out of date, time for an upgrade!!!

Im thinking of downloading limwire but I heard it has so many viruses and it will make your computer slow?

No there are other options besides Limwire. Everyone I know that has it has a really slow computer.

Slow with downloading torrents?

What torrent program are you using? For Utorrent I went to youtube and there was a step by step video guide on what need to be tweaked. It very easy video to follow and now my torrent downloading ... Read More »

BBC iPlayer- very slow when downloading?

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