Does downloading an app on wifi take up data usage on AT and T?

Answer No

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My Iphone4 is using network data usage when I'm on my home wifi network.?

Depends. Do you want a phone or a camera, both equally awesome? Make your pick based on that question.

How much is 2GB of data usage?

Hey there, first off, remeber if you already are on an AT&T plan you're fine.Calculate you're own needs by going to…Otherwise 2GB on a phone equals toSend... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4S need wifi for internet usage?

No you can just use it with normal Internet access via your mobile phone providers network, normally on a data plan.

How to restrict data usage on HTC ONE V?

Have you switched your packet data off? If not then go to settings>wireless and networks>mobile networks> and unselect the packet data if you don't want any data connection.