Does downloading CursorMania give you a virus?

Answer It makes my computer really slow so I don't use it anymore.

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How can i tell is a software has a virus on it before downloading?

No way to do that .It is kind of like seeing the test questions a day before the test is given,Oh you could get someone to down load it first and have them find out .But that would be putting their... Read More »

How to Avoid Downloading a Virus from Limewire?

This is a general guide to avoiding viruses embedded in files commonly found in the file sharing program Limewire.Before you even download a file always ignore the star count rating next to the fil... Read More »

Can you get a virus from downloading on Lime Wire 4.12.14?

You can get a virus from downloading anything, from anywheres. You need to scan any files you download with a reputable anti-virus scanner before opening them. Also check file sizes on Limewire bef... Read More »

Plz tell me can any virus come to my computer during surfing without downloading any data?

listen here just get you a good virus protection program... there are plenty of free trials ....dl and run the scan and get rid of any virusus you have now and then after that you wont have to worr... Read More »