Does dolphin breastfeed?

Answer A Dolphin is a marine mammal, so i would have to say yes.

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Is it possible to breastfeed a baby after a month of not being breastfeed?

Yes, if you still have milk in your breasts and if the baby still wants to nurse.

How fast does a rough-toothed dolphin swim?

The rough-toothed dolphin (steno bredanensis) is not well-studied, but is known as a fast swimmer. Researchers from the Zoological Institute at the University of Tuebingen, who carried out an echol... Read More »

How Much Does a Dolphin Trainer Get Paid a Year?

Dolphins are intelligent animals that respond well to training. Dolphin trainers teach these cetaceans to perform tricks and synchronized movements on the trainer's command. Dolphins are trained fo... Read More »

Why does the government pay for formula for people who cannot afford it yet choose not to breastfeed?

I don't understand why people are answering this question by saying 'because it's better to feed the baby formula if the mother chooses not to breastfeed than to have to bub starve.'Surely any moth... Read More »