Does dishwasher detergent harm pool water?

Answer you don't want to put it in there but i don't think it's harmful.

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Why does the spa water lower when the pool pump turns off and why does the spa water level go down while using the spa if the spa water is approximately 16 inches above pool water level?

Answer The check valve between the spa and the pool is defective.

Would the backwash or wastewater from a saltwater pool harm plants flooded by that water?

Yes. The salt water will cause soil salinity which will damage most plants currently growing and will have lasting and environmentally damaging effects. The salt water needs to be diluted with fr... Read More »

Does bio kleen dishwasher detergent work?

On One Hand: Biokleen Products Are Safe And EffectiveAs with all Biokleen products, Biokleen dishwashing detergent is made from environmentally-safe, non-hazardous ingredients. The product does not... Read More »

How do I Fix a Maytag Dishwasher WU504 Detergent Dispenser That Does Not Open?

The Maytag dishwasher model # WU504 has a wax motor that operates electrically by the timer. When the timer reaches the point for detergent to add to the dishwasher, the wax motor activates the dis... Read More »