Does digital radiography have less radiation than CR?

Answer A study that compared radiation doses to patients undergoing radiographic examinations showed that digital radiography has less radiation than computed radiography (CR). According to the British Jo... Read More »

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Computed Radiography Vs. Digital Radiography?

If you think computed radiography and digital radiography are the same thing, think again. Though both produce higher-quality images in less time than traditional, non-digital X-rays, each has diff... Read More »

Does a man have one less rib than a woman?

Does a baby have less blood than an adult?

Yes, this is true. Because the size of an infant there is going to be less blood. An adult will have more because of the size difference.

Why does my computer have less memory than it says it has?

32 Bit and 64 Bit are not used to tell how much RAM the OS uses, but how much it can ACCESS.A 32-Bit OS can not access more than ~4GB of system RAM where as a 64 Bit OS can access a lot.