Does diet lipton green tea with citrus have caffeine?

Answer On One Hand: All Tea Contains CaffeineLipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus contains 12 mg of caffeine per eight oz. of tea. The average bottle, sold in retail and grocery stores, comes in 16-oz. bottl... Read More »

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Lipton citrus green tea?

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How much caffeine is in diet raspberry Lipton White Tea?

Lipton Diet White Tea with Raspberry contains 14mg of caffeine per 8-oz. serving. The standard bottle is 16.9 oz. For comparison purposes, 8 oz. or regular Pepsi contains 25mg of caffeine. A cup of... Read More »

Does a bag of lipton green tea that steeps overnight have more caffeine than if it steeps for 3-5 minutes?

Green tea has between 10-20mg of caffeine per gram of the dried matter. You will extract more of that by letting it sit (estimates per cup are based on a brewing time of under 2 minutes)Since up to... Read More »

How much caffeine is in lipton tea?

Pespi makes several flavors of Lipton Ice Tea, all of which have varying amounts of caffeine. Lipton's Green Tea with Mixed Berry has 15g of caffeine per 8 fluid oz. while Lipton's Iced Tea with Le... Read More »