Does diet cause acne?

Answer On One Hand: No Clear ConnectionThe American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) maintains that acne is not caused by specific foods. They claim that extensive scientific studies have not been able to lin... Read More »

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Does diet pop truly cause cancer?

I think she's talking about aspartame. It has caused cancer in lab mice, but keep in mind when they do these studies they are pumping massive amounts into a tiny animal to see if they can get an ef... Read More »

Does acne cause exhaustion?

No, acne doesn't drain any energy or anything. However, lack of sleep does cause acne. Even though sleeping this late isnt anything new, teenagers need more sleep than they did as children because ... Read More »

How does stress cause acne?

A huge part of it is that when your body is experiencing stress it focuses on basic survival mechanisms and protection (like abdominal padding) . Also you may tend to touch your face more or be on... Read More »

Does Masturbation cause acne?

Actually, it'll clear up your acne if you rub the semen into your skin really well.