Does diet 7 up affect blood sugar in diabetics?

Answer Diet 7up, like other diet soft drinks, does not affect blood sugar in diabetics because it does not contain any sugar or other carbohydrates. Diet 7up contains no calories, fat, carbohydrates or pr... Read More »

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Does diet coke affect blood sugar?

If you are a diabetic patient, sweet drinks and carbonated drinks to be avoided.The most commonly distributed version of Diet Coke (and majority of beverages using artificial sweeteners) relies on ... Read More »

What are the causes of low blood sugar in low sugar one of the possible diabetic complications?

Hypoglycemia occurs when:--* Your body's sugar (glucose) is used up too quickly* Glucose is released into the bloodstream too slowly* Too much insulin is released into the bloodstreamDoses of drugs... Read More »

How does sex affect your blood sugar?

If you do it right, sex drops your bg more than any other activity. Minimize fast acting insulin and w/carbs, pump your bg up to around 250mg/dl to give you a good 1/2 hour of heavy banging. If you... Read More »

Blood sugar levels in diabetics?

I was diagnosed on July 3rd. Let me suggest an EXCELLENT book for understanding the whole thing... and it's an easy read. Not overly clinical, written in laymens terms.Conquering DiabetesA Compl... Read More »