Does dial-up work with DSL?

Answer Dial-up and DSL are methods of connecting to the Internet, and you cannot connect with both at the same given instant. Dial-up, the original way to connect to the Internet, uses your phone line to ... Read More »

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Does DSL work with dial-up?

Although dial-up and digital subscriber line connections connect to the service provider via a standard telephone line, they are two completely different systems. Unlike dial-up, a DSL connection a... Read More »

Does Limewire work with dial up?

Limewire is a popular peer-to-peer file sharing network that allows users to transfer files to each other over the Internet. This program will work with any Internet connection; however, dial-up co... Read More »

Does Netflix work with dial-up?

For a basic Netflix account where you plan to only receive DVDs through the mail, a dial-up connection is fine. However, if you plan to access "Instant Watch" to stream Netflix movies and shows ins... Read More »

Does Skype work with dial-up?

Skype works with dial-up Internet connections. However, it is recommended that Skype is used with broadband Internet connections. In order to make a high-definition video call, a broadband connecti... Read More »