Does deviantART have viruses?

Answer I use DeviantArt alot and it comes up clean. If you want to feel safer I linked 2 AV and a standalon program (malwarebytes)

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Does Gimp have any viruses?

I doubt that very much. GIMP is Open Source software, so it can't contain a virus.Just make sure it WAS actually the official site: and nowhere else - if you are downloading for... Read More »

Does limewire have any viruses?

No, but the older versions had exploits that could be used to gain access to your computer. You should not share any important files, system files preferably nothing, some people just share their e... Read More »

Does Limewire have VIRUSES !!!!!?

Yes. Adware & Spyware on some songs & some amateur hackers.

Does the website have viruses?

Try the URL scan (not the file scan) at, looks OK, see… looks OK, too.Also, you can download and use WOT (it's free), it war... Read More »