Does developing follicle means pregnancy?

Answer A developing follicle is an egg maturing in your ovary. When it is mature it will release, and that is called ovulation. The sperm still has to fertilize the egg, and then the fertilized egg still ... Read More »

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What is the best food for a developing baby&pregnancy after 30?

On One Hand: Folic AcidEating plenty of foods contain folic acid remains important for all pregnant women, especially women over 30 and 35. This necessary acid aids the developing neurological syst... Read More »

Does cramping without period means pregnancy?

Answer Hello there - Cramping without a period doesn't necessarily mean pregnancy sweetheart. It may simply mean your period is approaching but your cramping more than usual for yo... Read More »

What does one follicle mean?

In anatomy, one follicle means a small gland, cavity or sac that is used by an animal for secretion or excretion. In botany, one follicle means a dry seed pod with one cavity that splits open along... Read More »

How to Stop DHT at the Root of the Follicle?

For most men, losing their hair is an extremely sensitive issue. But what most people may not realize is that the loss of hair can be attributed mostly to excessive hormones rather than genetics. ... Read More »