Does derma rolling get rid of gray hair?

Answer On One Hand: Hair RestorationThe Derma Roller can improve the amount of hair on a person's head by improving the blood flow to the scalp. Results are limited, but successful overall.On the Other: G... Read More »

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How to Go Back to Gray After Gray Hair Was Dyed Brown?

Millions of women and men dye their hair each year to cover the gray. If you've been dying your hair brown and now want to return it to its natural state, there are methods to achieve this. By choo... Read More »

Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?

How to Enhance Gray Hair With Gray Color?

Our hair changes throughout our entire lives. As we age, our hair will eventually begin to turn gray, and the texture will become thicker, dry and even wiry. Many people also complain about the col... Read More »

How to Do Rag Rolling of Hair?

Rag rolling is a technique that people use to create curls in hair that is usually straight or wavy. People who roll their hair in rags, or fabric strips, do not have to worry about heat damage tha... Read More »