Does deleting call logs on cell phones permanently delete list?

Answer My friend put his in rice and that seemed to dry out all of the moisture.

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How do i obtain cell phone call logs?

On Your PhoneAccess the call history on your phone, scroll through the calls until you find the one you are looking for and select it, and the date and time the call was made will appear. Your pho... Read More »

Why do yanks call mobile phones 'cell' phones.?

"Mobile" has too many letters for them to be able to spell it correctly. If they were to adopt the word "mobile" they'd inevitably either miss out a letter or two, or switch a couple of letters ar... Read More »

Why do Americans call mobile phones cell phones ?

because thats actually what they are.cell = cellular ..... i work for a phone company and the abbreviation 'ctn' stands for cellular telephone number. basically the mobile phone masts are made up o... Read More »

Can collectors call cell phones?

Calling a cell phone in regards to a debt collection is in direct violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and any company perpetrating this act should be notified of their transgression... Read More »