Does defragmentation pose any risks to your computers What can you do to overcome the risks.?

Answer There is no risk, it is actually beneficial to do occasionally. Hopefully this doesn't go over your head but here is a description of what defragmentation is:In the maintenance of file systems, def... Read More »

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Do Seroquil or Safris pose serious risks of Tardive dyskenesia (sp)?

The atypical antipsychotics do cause Tardive Dyskenesia, but it is less of a problem than the old antipsychotics. However, the atypicals are far more likely to cause massive weight gain and diabete... Read More »

Computers & Children's Health Risks?

Technology is playing an ever-larger role in our lives, and children are using computers at increasingly younger ages. This dependency on computers has forced parents to look at the use of this tec... Read More »

IRA Risks?

An IRA account is a retirement savings plan designed to help individuals supplement federal and employer retirement income sources. The IRS allows many investment options such as stocks, bonds, rea... Read More »

How to Take Risks?

Ever wanted to take that big risk? The huge jump between what you should do and what you will do? One can only think of the possibilities! Let us hope that this guide makes risk into something not ... Read More »