Does death scare you ?

Answer I'm too busy to worry about dying - dying is the last thing I'm going to do!!

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Does Michael Jackson's death mark the death of an era?

I truly believe that Michael Jackson's existence marks the beginning of an era that will never die. Pardon me for sounding like a fanboy, but his influence on music is one that will never die. When... Read More »

Does the way i look scare you?

Why would that pic be scary? I think you are very pretty. Gorgeous big eyes, by the way. You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you different babe!

Does this scare you ....?

Well I'm scared to open it, but I did. And I just find it creepy.

Does this picture scare you?

its realllllllllllllllly scarey.......dude, we cant see it!